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Sleep Appliances

Sleep disorders can steal your precious rest and leave you feeling tired in the morning. They can also affect the quality of your day to day life and put you at risk of complications to your health. You may be referred to our office by your physician, a certified sleep therapist, or other medical professional to come for sleep screening.

How we diagnose sleep disorders

Diagnosis of sleep disorders involves a thorough examination of your mouth, face, neck, and sleeping habits. We will also provide you with a take-home sleep test (Level 3 PSG) to screen you for conditions such as snoring, apnea, and bruxism. The test contains medical and dental information that is shared with your family physician or therapist to help coordinate your treatment.


Treatment options for sleep disorders depend on the severity of the condition. A custom oral appliance can address bruxism and apnea. In more severe cases, you may require a CPAP machine in addition to the appliance. Patients who are unable to use CPAP machines may also find that using an oral appliance helps them tolerate a CPAP.

We also work closely with physicians and sleep specialists to diagnose and treat sleep disorders, and we may refer you to a specialist (or they may refer you to us) for specialized treatment.

Get a good night's sleep. Call today to learn more about sleep disorder treatment or to make an appointment.