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MVA & Trauma Lawyer Referrals

A car accident can cause trauma to the head and mouth. Common injuries include tooth loss or bone fractures. Prosthodontists reconstruct damaged teeth, replace missing teeth, and treat headaches, jaw pain, and other injuries sustained during an accident.

Assessment and Treatment

You may be referred to us by your lawyer or insurance company. The first step in your treatment is a thorough examination and assessment of your injuries. After the assessment, we’ll present you with your treatment options and discuss their pros and cons.

MVA-related trauma can include headaches, muscle pain, concussion and nerve symptoms, vertigo, sleep problems and PTSD/concussion syndrome. We’ll communicate and plan your treatment in conjunction with your medical specialists and other health professionals to ensure you receive comprehensive care for your injuries.


In most cases, the treatment costs are paid by your auto insurance company. Please consult with your legal counsel or insurer on your coverage.

Please contact our office to learn more or to make an appointment for an assessment.